Why Buy Michelin®?

  • Improved Grip
  • Greater Durability
  • Improved Longevity
  • More Fuel Efficiency
  • Greater Comfort
  • Improved Handling

Your satisfaction. Michelin®’s Promise.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your MICHELIN® passenger or light truck replacement tires so they are backed by the Michelin® Promise Plan™.

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee1
  • 3-Year Flat Tire Changing Assistance2
  • Limited Mileage Warranty3


Michelin®'s best standard passenger tire, offering 90,000 miles of confident driving through exceptional safety, longevity and a quiet, comfortable ride.

  • Improved treadlife in severe conditions.
  • Excellent wet and snow traction.
  • Quiet, comfortable ride.



 Max Performance Summer
  Pilot Sport 3
  Pilot Sport 4S
  Pilot Sport PS2
  Pilot Sport PS2 ZP
  Pilot Super Sport
  Pilot Super Sport ZP

Ultra High Performance Summer
  Pilot Exalto PE2

Ultra High Performance All-Season
  Pilot Sport A/S 3 (W- or Y-Speed Rated)
  Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (W- or Y-Speed Rated)
  Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP (W- or Y-Speed Rated)
  Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP

High Performance All-Season
  Pilot Sport A/S 3 (H- or V-Speed Rated)
  Pilot Sport A/S 3 N-Spec
  Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (H- or V-Speed Rated)
  Pilot Sport A/S Plus N-Spec

Grand Touring Summer
  Pilot Primacy
  Primacy 3
  Primacy 3 ZP
  Primacy HP
  Primacy HP ZP

Grand Touring All-Season
  Energy MXV4 S8
  Pilot HX MXM4
  Premier A/S
  Primacy MXM4
  Primacy MXM4 ZP
  Primacy MXV4
Standard Touring All- Season:
  Dfender T+H

All Season
  Energy LX4
  Energy Saver A/S
Standard Touring All-Season
  Defender T+H

Passenger All-Season
  Energy LX4
  Energy Saver A/S
Streetable Track & Competition
  Pilot Sport Cup
  Pilot Sport Cup 2
  Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP
  Pilot Sport Cup ZP
  Pilot Sport Cup+ / N-Spec

MICHELIN® Premier® LTX® Tires

Safe When New. Safe When Worn. Even when half-worn, the MICHELIN® Premier® LTX® tire still stops shorter on wet roads than leading competitors’ brand-new tires.

  • Short Stopping.
  • Hydroplaning Resistance.
  • Excellent wet grip.


Street/Sport Truck Summer
  4x4 Diamaris
Latitude Diamaris
Latitude Sport
Latitude Sport 3
Latitude Sport 3 ZP 

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season
  Latitude Tour
  Latitude Tour HP
  Latitude Tour HP ZP
  Premier LTX

Highway Rib Summer
  XPS Rib

Highway All-Season
  Defender LTX M/S
  Energy Saver LTX
  LTX M/S2

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain
  LTX A/T 2

On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction
  XPS Traction


  1. Certain conditions and limitations apply. See the Michelin® Owner's Manual for complete description and details.
  2. Original Equipment tires are excluded.
  3. Excludes DOT–approved competition tires (e.g., MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport Cup tires). Mileage warranties vary by tire line. See your tire retailer or click here for more details on specific mileage warranties, including those for split fitments.