Find Reliable Mechanics in Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, and Foothill Ranch CA!

June 22nd, 2017

Finding a reliable repair center to work on your vehicle can be difficult.   It is hard to know who to trust with your ride. Before you drop off your keys, the folks at USA Express Tire & Service suggest you take a little time to identify the best company to fit your needs.  Here are some tips to help you make sure you are making the right choice in repair centers.

Mechanic Lake Forest CA Laguna Beach CA Foothill Ranch CA

1. Hit the web and find the repair centers in your community.  Pare down the list to companies that have a website, then refine it even more by checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau.  This information is free and readily available on the web.


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Make Those Tires Last!

June 15th, 2017

Your tires are a big investment, and while it’s easy to just take them for granted, you want them to last through their entire warranty phase (at least). Here are Car Tiressome tips on how to get the most life out of a set of tires:

Tire rotations: No vehicle has 50/50 weight distribution from front to rear, and front tires see a different set of stresses from braking and cornering. Rotating your tires at a 5,000-mile interval ensures even wear and good drivability and handling.

Proper inflation: Underinflated tires are bad news! They’ll wear unevenly due to their altered footprint, they’ll cost you money in terms of higher rolling resistance and poor fuel economy, and the stress from overheating can lead to premature tire failure. Check your inflation levels at leas ...[more]

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