How to Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

May 31st, 2017

Don't let the California heat get the best of you and your vehicle!

Your air conditioning system can make hot, steamy summer days a lot more pleasant when you are behind the wheel.  Before the heat gets you down take a few simple steps to get your A/C ready for summer.


Air Conditioning AC Repair Lake Forrest CA

1. Check your Freon Level - Your air conditioning system depends on Freon, a special gas that makes your system cold, to work at its coolest.  Over the counter cans of Freon are cheap and convenient but in the hands of an inexperienced car owner they can damage the A/C system.  USA Express Tire & Service ha ...[more]

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So You Get A Flat Tire...What Now?

June 16th, 2016

Flat TireNobody ever looks forward to a flat tire, and nobody ever says "well, that was a really good time" after having one. You can at least minimize the damage to your tire and danger to yourself, though.

Flats vs Blowouts

If you get a blowout, you'll know about it right away. Sometimes the tire can fail dramatically, with a bang as loud as a shotgun going off. Other times, it might just be a loss of air and a sudden change in your car's handling, followed by vibration, noise and a pull to one side. If it's a front tire that fails, your car might be a real handful to drive until you can get to a stop.

In either case, your first job is to pull off the road as quickly (but safely!) as you can. Don't jam on the brakes or make any sudden mo ...[more]

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