Auto Repair Services in Laguna Beach, CA

Auto Repair Laguna Beach, CA

For drivers in Laguna Beach, CA, what are the kinds of things that set an auto repair shop apart from the others? Things like OEM-quality replacement parts, ASE-certified technicians, shuttle service for our customers, rental cars? That’s what you can expect with USA Express Tire & Auto. We’re locally-owned and operated, with the kind of customer service you won’t find at the big-box auto repair franchises. We’re part of the community, with a stake in what goes on in our town.

Drivers in Laguna Beach come to us for auto repair and maintenance such as:

  • Oil changesSpend a little now, or spend a lot later on an engine rebuild. Oil changes are still the single best way to hang onto your car for a long time by reducing engine wear.
  • Wheel alignmentsHave you noticed a pull to one side while driving on straight pavement, or maybe your vehicle’s road manners aren’t the same anymore? Might be time for a wheel alignment.
  • Engine diagnostics The computerized engine management systems that control fuel delivery, engine timing and emissions also make it simple for a technician to track down a problem…and the first clue is when the Check Engine light on your dashboard is illuminated.
  • BrakesSince brakes wear down so slowly, it can be hard to notice when they wear down to a point of needing replacement. They should still be checked every six months, however, and replaced at about 40-50,000 miles.

At USA Express Tire & Service, we offer all these great auto repair and maintenance services at prices that are so low they may surprise you, and we can even offer credit or financing for qualified customers. Make an appointment with us here in Laguna Beach, and find out the difference that excellence in auto repair and customer service can make.